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Music of Nature

Sky drums a beat as steady as a tide, Raindrops & ground collide, Rain creates a rhythm, fast is its pace, Tears rolling from my eyes matches the beat on my face, This steady drip-dropping of rain Makes me wonder if the entire world echoes my pain? Music of nature & the beat of my… Continue reading Music of Nature

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Ek Kahani Hai

Baarish k katron mein chuppi ek kahani hai, Hazaaron ghamon, hazaaron dard sey likhi ek kahani hai, Meri nazron mei chupa hai ab bhee aks tera, Na maang sakoon tujhay, wajah ek kahani hai. Dil rota hai barish ki har boondh k sath, Meri baybasi ki ek kahani hai. Chubhan hoti hai meri roh mei,… Continue reading Ek Kahani Hai

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Prisoner Of Loneliness

I am the prisoner of my loneliness  It sucks away my happiness  Filling me with depression and sadness  Tattering me  Shattering me  Scattering my soul in darkness  The cursing darkness makes me scream with pain  A tear drops  A fire that burns inside me  Dies away  Leaving behind  Ashes of my memories and happiness  A… Continue reading Prisoner Of Loneliness

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Raindrops From my eye A tear drops A pain held for so long Lost the battle and drops Seeing I'm all alone My smile drops (fades away) Asking for happiness Asking for joy Craving for love Craving for care On my knees I drop Watching the sky Shedding people's tears My faith drops Seeing each… Continue reading Raindrops

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My Best Friend Rain

MY BEST FRIEND RAIN Today when I cried, Somebody cried with me, Letting me empty all my pain, Shed every single tear I was holding back. I felt like that somebody felt my pain, Like I've felt its pain in past. I felt like running with that somebody, Letting my tears fall from my eyes… Continue reading My Best Friend Rain

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The Rain Cries

Tonight when I was on my bed Slowly I hear its drops fall on my roof From the window I see it drop on the grass And on the leaves I hear its soft whispers I lay awake hearing the rain drops drip I hear its cries I hear its weeps I get up Head… Continue reading The Rain Cries

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Listen To The Rain Carefully

Did you ever try to listen carefully to the rain Did you ever hear it's silent moans of pain Ever tried to hear it's voice of reason Or did you ignore it throughout the season Do you take it for granted Expecting to come when ever it's a pleasant season It makes some of you… Continue reading Listen To The Rain Carefully