Nobody has a right to target a woman’s character

"If you have to target a woman's character just to prove a point or to silent her then you are worse than all illiterate people combined." ~S

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Sad Reality # I-lost-count-of

"Isn't it sad how life unfolds to make two very close people drift apart without any reason and only one is affected by the absence of other" - S

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Distraction isn’t an escape

Distraction isn't hiding or denying or running away from whatever life is throwing at you. Its you taking a break to clear your head and think straight about what you have to do. Its you trying to find a solution in peace. Distraction isn't an escape! ~ Sahrish I.

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Questioned sincerity

No matter how much you care for those you hold dear to your heart, no matter what you do for them at the end of the day they'll always doubt and question you and your sincerity. They may even judge you. It'll hurt like hell but you'd have to suck it up and live with… Continue reading Questioned sincerity

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Something missing

When you feel like something is missing but don't know what exactly, how are you suppose to find it? What are you suppose to look for? Where are you supposed to start from? And if you manage to find it, how can you be sure it's that same missing piece? ~ Sahrish I.