Disclaimer & PR Policy


All artwork, photos, poetry, quotes, content etc. are my own creations unless stated otherwise. Also, whatever I endorse is based on personal opinions or what I believe in, DEFINITELY NOT ON HOW MUCH I GET PAID, OTHER BENEFITS INCLUDED!

My reviews are purely based on my own personal experiences and I do not like being biased but honest when endorsing a brand/product or a view. Here I would also like to mention that I try to provide my readers with as much information I can. In case you feel like I missed something, the comment box below every post is there for a reason, use it maybe? Or reach out to me on my social media profiles. I am the most easily accessible person out there.

PR Policy
I am a PR friendly person and an endorser of what I find really interesting or unique. I like to play around with new products and services, therefore, I accept all kinds of samples to test out, review and advertise on my blog. I believe in word of mouth. I also believe in not just advertising something but also providing ample amount of information for easy access. My reviews are honest. I am a marketing & advertising professional, therefore, I know all the categories of consumers. When I am in the process of testing out products, I keep every kind of consumer/reader in my mind.
I do accept payments against my reviews and advertising, however, that do not impact my reviews. Send me a sample, I like it, I will write about it, if I don’t like it, I will still write about it but will not throw in praises for the product. However, I will still highlight the goods of the product.
My Blog’s Copyright Policy
All the content on Shades of Sunrise is owned solely by Sahrish Iftikhar (me), unless stated otherwise. I give credit wherever its due. Want to use a picture from my blog or a post, feel free to share it but do link it back to me.
You may contact me 
  • For PR purpose inquiries
  • Partnerships & collaborations
  • For sending me samples to test out
  • To use any of my images on your website/page.
  • Sponsoring Giveaways – which I will promote on all my social media profiles
  • To Advertise your company/shop/online business through our blog or Facebook page
  • Other Business Inquiries