I Fight Depression & Anxiety All Alone & It Does Not Define Me!

I fight depression and anxiety, day in, day out. Stress triggers panic attacks which are really scary. I am not ashamed of fighting this mental illness because that doesn't define me and I am proud of myself that I fight it all alone without the help of those who I thought would understand and stand …

Food For Soul; Heaven For Book & Literature Lovers – 5th Islamabad Literature Festival

Oxford University Press (OUP) organized a three day Literature Festival for the literature lovers at a hotel in the capital from April 14th to April 16th, 2017. To get all the scoop about the Islamabad's 5th Literature Festival, from sessions and their attendees, to local & international authors, journalists and artist, keep on reading . …

That switch

Exactly what a person goes through while battling depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, its a taboo to speak about it. Even educated people don’t consider ‘mental illness’ a real thing.

Its not easy to talk let alone blog about it and let the world know what it feel like. It requires bravery and courage. Apnavi, has beautifully described everything. More power to her!

Sorcery Files

“Bas ho gaya na yaar.  was, yes, was blown. Now? You need to come out of it now. If you want to progress further with this. You have to work on yourself and be good again. Do you want to be better?”

That’s when I switched off my phone. Because that’s how I can shut people off. But I can’t switch my brain off right? The thoughts starts creeping in. I get a cup of coffee and take my medicine. For a person who is dealing with two demons at the same time (accute anxiety and depression), everyday is like lifting heavy weights, running, mountain biking, bunjee jumping, swimming, sky diving, falling off a cliff…etc, MENTALLY. While the person sits in one place the whole day (office desk) and the remaining time in bed not wanting to get up ever again. This is everyday for me.

Depression is not caring…

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WingItt – Finally Something For The Chicken Wings Lovers!

We have way  too many food chains that offer almost all kinds of eateries, the fact that nobody thought about chicken wings  it has always broke my heart that nobody thought about chicken wings served as a proper complete meal. We see them as appetizers or as sides but never as a main course meal. …

Wafa Ka Mausam – A Freshly Baked Tale About To Hit The Silver Screen

Almost every week we witness a drama coming to an end and a new one replacing an old one. I feel like nowadays every drama somehow revolves around the same plot. Rarely a drama beats every other drama by addressing a strong message or a social issue or even have a story. That is what …

#Sparkistan – The New Anthem Of Sparking Pakistanis

There is no doubt that Pakistan is full of extremely talented and dedicated people. But I have always wondered that there must be some people who selflessly work solely to make Pakistan's name shine bright. They might have not gotten the appropriation and recognition they deserve and they are okay with it for that's not …

Always On-The-Go? Make Your Travel Time Fun With Portable TV – #TapmadTV

With our fast paced life and busy schedules, we have longed for something portable to help us keep up with our favorite TV shows, movies or watch live matches while on-the-go. Our prayers have been heard! Let me present the super cool application available on both iOS and Android stores that gives you access to entertainment …

Person of the Year 2016

No doubt she is the person of 2016! The writer did a great job with the post. Hira, I will ALWAYS call you ‘Heerious’ cuz for me it defines who you truly are: ” Hira Amjad Ali, who wins at every battlefield of life, fair and square!” 😊 <3

The SK

Everyone knows someone whom they would like to say the person of the year 2016 like Abdul Sattar Edhi (RIP), Junaid Jamshed (RIP), Amjad Sabri (RIP), Gen. Raheel Sharif, Misbah-ul-Haq, etc. Without any doubt, each individual is the person of the year.
I would also like to name someone as the person of the year.

{IN MY OPINION} The Person of the Year 2016 is HIRA AMJAD ALI.

Here is the story about her:

It was March 10th, 2016. Hira went to the Agha Khan University Hospital to collect her biopsy report, she had gone under a minor surgery recently to remove a lump on the right side of her neck.
She had been recently engaged three months back in December 2015 and was preparing for her wedding which is to be held in March 2017.
After few moments, the doctor entered the patient lounge and…

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